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Certificates emailed to recipient or Director

Concerto Macabre

Bernard-Squared Raven (a)

Ennio Morricone

Marco Beltrami  Blade, Knowing

Concerto Macabre

Maestro Maelstrom Raven (b)

John Carpenter The Fog, Halloween

Daniel Robert "Danny" Elfman Modern Vampires, The Wolfman


in honor and memory of bone-chilling compositions:

James Bernard "Horror of Dracula"

Bernard Herrmann "Hangover Square"


in honor and memory of "goosebumps "composed" by:

Gil Melle "Night Gallery" "Nightstalker"

Dominic Frontiere "Invaders", "Outer Limits"

Oval Portrait Raven

Isabel Samaras

Bernie Wrightson


Armand Assante Soul's Midnight

Michael Berryman  The Reluctant Vampire

Orlando Bloom  Haven (Phantom update),

                          Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Johnnny Depp   From Hell, Dark Shadows

Stephen Dorff   Blade, Space Truckers

Billy Drago   Vamp, "Cocoon" (Monsters episode)

Nick Cage   Knowing, Shadow of the Vampire, Vampire's Kiss

Dean Cain   Dead and Deader, Militia

Roger Daltry       Vampirella, Tales from the Crypt:Forever Ambergris

Bradford Dillman Fear No Evil, Bug

Brad Dourif                                                                                         Babylon 5: Passing Through Gethesemane,                                          I,Desire,                                                                                                       X Files: Beyond the Sea

Richard Elfman, auteur   Modern Vampires

Corey Haim      Big Wolf on Campus: Blaim It on the Haim, Lost Boys

Nicky Henson     Vampira aka Old Dracula, Number 1 of the Secret Service

Anthony Hickox Sundown, the Vampire in Retreat, Waxwork

Louis Jourdan    Count Dracula, Fear No Evil

Sir Christopher Lee                                                                                  The Magic Christian: Ship's Vampire,                                                Dracula: Father and Son

Patrick MacNee   Incense for the Damned, Waxwork

Malcolm McDowell                                                                                      A Clockwork Orange,                                                                             Tales from the Crypt: The Reluctant Vampire,                                      Lexx: Giga Shadow,                                                                                Star Trek: Generations

Corin Nemec     Mansquito

Paul Nicholas    Lisztomania, Jesus Christ Superstar

Michael Pataki      Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles, Hound of Dracula

Bill Paxton, auteur Frailty, Near Dark, One False Move

Andrew Prine Grizzly, Hannah Queen of the Vampires

Dan Roebuck                                                                                           Star Trek the Next Generation: Unification 1 and 2,                                  The Vampire Hunters Club

John Saxon                                                                                        Starsky and Hutch: Vampire,                                                                 Enter the Dragon,                                                                                 Planet of Blood aka Queen of Blood,                                                    Blood Beach,                                                                                    Nightmare on Elm Street

Henry Silva       Dick Tracy, Thirst, Outer Limits: The Mice

Tom Skull, auteur Grizzly Park

William Smith    Grave of the Vampire, Vampire Hunters Club

Andrew Stevens, Auteur    Red-Blooded American Girl

Stella Stevens    The Manitou, Arnold

Lily Taylor   The Addiction, The Haunting

Christopher Walken   The Addiction, From a View to a Kill


in honor and memory of

Judge Henry Dupree "Killer Shrews"




George Zucco Raven

Wild Country Craig Strachan, auteur


Timmy "Vampire" Valentine (a)


Lucy Liu Rise: Blood Hunter

Justin Quinn Desert of Blood


Homage to Somtow Sucharitkul


William Castle Macabre Raven


My Bloody Valentine 3-D Patrick Lussier, Director

Milton Subotsky Anthology Raven


Being Human BBC Toby Whithouse, creator

John Ashley Memorial Raven


Cheezy Flicks


"Fear Itself" on 4 DVDs September 15, 2009
"Noche Eterna", telenovela with bite

For posterity of classic B science fiction, fantasy, Old Time Radio, TV & horror movies.