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"Rest" Room

For the Dudes and Dudettes that aint here:

Uncle Forrest J. Ackerman  Vampirella

David Carradine  Sundown: the Vampire in Retreat

Farrah Fawcett   Cannonball Run, Logan's Run, Saturn 3

Beverly Garland  Not of this Earth

Charlton Heston  Omega Man

Michael Jackson  Thriller, Remember the Time

Harvey Korman  Dracula Dead and Loving It

Dick Martin  Maltese Bippy

Ricardo Montalban   Wrath of Khan, Spy Kids, Cannonball Run

Michael Pate   Curse of the Undead, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Robert Quarry  Count Yorga, Vampire

Roy Sheider  Jaws

Richard Widmark  To the Devil a Daughter


Honorable Mentions:

Isaac Hayes

Miriam Makeba

Paul Newman

Jerry Reed


For posterity of classic B science fiction, fantasy, Old Time Radio, TV & horror movies.